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Over the past couple of years, I have gotten to know Allie and Sam through Instagram. Although we don't know each other on a personal level, I feel like I have watched them "grow", and discover who they are through social platforms. It's been incredible to see such openness, vulnerability and beauty on social media. But what I have loved most, is how their own stories have helped bring others "home". Their own lived experiences offer guidance, support and hope for many young people trying to find their own way "home."

I reached out recently and asked if they could share a little with me about what the word "home" means to them. Here is what they openly shared with me:

1. Tell me a little more about you guys. Where are you guys from?

I (Allie) am from a small town in Ontario, and Sam is from an even smaller town in PEI. We both moved to Halifax to go to Dalhousie University and fell in love with it (and each other). We call Halifax home now and hope to stay here forever!
2. Since you guys are a couple, where did you meet?
It's funny, but we met on Tinder! We went on our first date and spent hours walking around Halifax. Four years later, that's still one of our favourite activities.
3. Home is such a powerful word: what does this word mean to you?
It's funny, home used to mean the place where I live. And, to an extent, it still does. But, I feel like home as more of a feeling. There are times I've been at a complete strangers house and felt "at home"; where I've woken up and almost felt like Christmas morning, a  feeling so comfortable and at ease. I've realized home is not necessarily a place, but a feeling! When I wake up in our current place, I always feel at home. I wake up to cat snuggles and dog kisses. I wake up to a sleeping fiancee and make coffee. To me, that feels like home!
4. I think home is the place we are free to be who we truly are. How do you live authentically?
I LOVE this. Home truly is a place to be exactly who we are. We can be silly, cranky, energetic, irrational, and still loved. Home is where we have no filters and don't have to hold anything back. 
5. Since ‘home’ has so many meanings, and where you end up, is often not where you started. How did you find your way “home”? 
When I don't feel at 'home', it's actually really hard on me! I get cranky, irritable, and recognize that I need to reconnect or reevaluate my current mindset or situation. I find that if I take time for myself, listen to music, journal, or play music, I can recognize what I need to do to feel better. 


Although social media can be an overwhelming world, the beauty of it is: connecting, getting inspired and hearing stories. I have loved watching Allie and Sam share how they found each other, came out to their friends and family, and how they built their own definition of the word "home."

Share your stories below of your own journey and let's connect! 

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  • Catherine Crosbie

    Hey Miriah! I wanted to share two things 1) I love this blog post 2) you mentioned that people share their stories of home with you all the time… I see you’re telling these stories in your blog, but have you thought about creating a “Community Board” (aka a web page) with comments and stories that people share? It would be kind of like a testimonials page because it would show social proof of the impact you’re having, but it would be framed as a celebration of your community and their “homes”. Just a thought :)

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