Proudly Made in Canada & 5% of all profits are donated to help end homelessness in Canada.
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    Humans of our HOME

    Lest We Forget

    This week we had the opportunity to interview a member of our local military, from his home in New Brunswick.  This is what one soldier had to say about joining the military and what it means to him.
    "I’m often asked why I joined the military, and numerous great answers come to mind. But one answer sticks out and remains as true as ever, to help people. To help not only the citizens of our own country but also citizens of other countries whom I believe deserve the same quality of life that we as Canadians enjoy on a daily basis. When choosing a career I knew right away that I wanted to contribute something to help people who for the most part couldn’t help themselves. I mulled over a few careers that afforded this option. Doctor, paramedic, personal support worker, even nursing. All of which I decided took too much time to do. I didn’t want to essentially waste four years or more of my life, gathering debt and personal problems when I could be focusing on my passion, my passion for making a difference in people’s life, regardless of race, creed, nationality or any other unimportant variable. When we get right down to it people are people and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and enjoy a quality of life equal to ours.  
    This is the reason I am a strong supporter of My Home Apparel. Because they recognize a growing problem in Canada and choose not to ignore it. They choose to combat homelessness, and make a positive difference. Much like the Canadian Forces chooses to fight wars to settle injustice and fight for democracy to establish a higher quality of life in countries where the oppressed cannot fight for themselves, My Home apparel chooses to fight their very own war here at home to contribute to the stunning and irrevocably unacceptable homeless rate in our own country. 
    So, this remembrance day remember those who fought to establish freedoms for those who didn’t have them. Remember those who fought for our freedom, the brave souls who paid the ultimate price without hesitation, to fight tyranny and corruption, to end oppression and fight for humanity. Like we all are obliged to do, whether it be fighting a war in a faraway country for those who cannot fight for themselves, or fighting battles on the Homefront like homelessness, It is equally as important.
    I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think is right, free to oppose what I believe to be wrong, and free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind. I am proud to call Canada my HOME.
     Lest We Forget

    Out and About with My Home Apparel : Get Your Fash-On

    We are happy to debut our new designs along with some great style ideas. Once you have pulled your outfit together, keep in mind that you are sporting a look that is not only representing your home pride, but also a movement of change.

    Five percent of all proceeds from My Home Apparel are donated to help end homeless in Canada. Everyone deserves a place to call home. Don't be afraid to look great, and be a part of something greater.


    Sometimes a girl has to embrace her inner Bossy B**ch. This iconic t-shirt is super versatile, giving you a wide range of great looks. Here is a styling idea: Take a simple skirt, your best pumps and a seasonal jacket. Throw in your My Home Apparel tee and - Boom, you're good to go. Be mindful of wind. And stairs...

    Feeling more casual? Well who can say "no" so a high-waisted pant combo. That's right. No one. Pull out that cozy sweater and don't feel guilty.  Polish off your look with a killer bag, infinity knit scarf, and shades so your relaxed outfit looks like something much more!

    Until next time,

    My Home Apparel   xo


    Feature: Miriah


    From a very early age, I knew that I wanted to run my own business. Raised by two self-employed parents, I was drawn to the hustle, creativity and endless possibilities that self employment brings. I truly believe entrepreneurship chose me (despite my parents' hesitation!). Even after getting a teaching degree and teaching for a few years, I knew that my destiny was to run my own company.

    When I graduated from high school, my travels around the world began. From Bolivian Salt Flats to Zanzibar beaches, from river floating in Laos to trekking Everest Base Camp, for 10 years, traveling was an integral part of my being. After having visited over 70 countries, I knew that sharing and learning stories of people around the world was going to remain a huge part of my life. It was the experiences and stories that drew me in, and still do to this day. During all my travels, I was always so proud to call Canada home and I knew that I would end back at my roots- the East Coast. I am so proud to call Nova Scotia my HOME.:)

    Then kids happened. My already incredibly blessed life, became even more awesome. Two beautiful boys have taught me the meaning of deep, unconditional love. It is because of them I hustle as hard as I do and large reason why I have devoted my life to trying to make a difference. I want them to know that every hour I was away from them was for a bigger cause and as a family unit, we are making a difference. I could never forget about my husband, who makes all the dreams possible by supporting and encouraging every step of the way.

    In 2013, my Dad passed away from ALS. It was devastating and life changing, and my life began to shift. I felt an even greater need to find my passion and start the company I always dreamt of. Together, with a friend, we started Beck & Boosh. For two years we dreamt big and hustled hard and built an awesome company. We built something I am so proud to say I was a founder of and believe it helped to shape me into the business woman I am today.

    In November 2014, my baby brother tragically passed away from an accidental drug overdose. It taught me grief and sadness I never knew was imaginable. My whole world changed and after months of sorting through emotions, I made a commitment to myself to live my life to it's best. I realized through his mental health struggles that we all have an obligation to take care of each other and fill this world with as much love and kindness that we can.

    Why all these little anecdotes? Well, they are the bricks that help build My HOME Apparel. Each experience helped me mould a company I wanted to own and run. In July 2015, I sold my share of Beck & Boosh and took the apparel side of the business (Home shirts) and started My HOME Apparel. I built the new company as a social enterprise, where 5% of the profits of every product sold is donated back to initiatives to end homelessness in Canada. We have teamed up with Shelter Nova Scotia and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness to help provide all Canadians with a home. Housing is not a luxury, it is a necessity and something many of us take for granted. With CAEH we have partnered under a program called 20KHomes, and we are working to help build 20,000 homes by 2018 for Canada's most vulnerable homeless.

    I love being an entrepreneur and I love the company I am building. Everyday I wake up and feel so blessed for the life I have. Thank you to all our fans and customers for making this possible and for helping to give all Canadians a home, one shirt at a time. Together we are making a difference!

    Keep spreading the love,

    Founder & CEO