New Brunswick Tartan Embroidered Fleece Blanket

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Cozy up with a little piece of HOME with our New Brunswick tartan fleece blankets. They are approximately 5' x 4' and perfect for the couch, your favourite chair or in the car.

..Just don't let your dog sit on it after he just spent the day running around in the mud with all his friends. Sure, Poncho had fun at the park and is now sharing his "findings" he just rolled around in with his new friend, the Cozy Blanket, but not fun to clean up.. not fun at all...

Proudly made in Truro, Nova Scotia. Machine washable.

based in Nova Scotia

There truly is no place like HOME

Whether it's Mom's home-cooked meals, late night conversations with Dad, family board game nights, your childhood bedroom or familiar streets in your home town, there truly is no place like HOME. At My Home Apparel we know how important home is to you and our goal is to offer you a little piece of it wherever you go. We offer nostalgia, comfort and pride through quality, Canadian made products, all bundled up like a care package from a loved one.

text reading 'this shirt was actually made in canada' with two models walked side by each in the forest each wearing a sorry unisex t-shirt


Made in Canada

Canadian Made Matters

From sewing to printing, all made at HOME

our founder and ceo miriah looks on as blank t-shirts are being sewn.

Give Back

Our Impact

5% of profits from every product sold are donated to initiatives that help end homelessness in Canada.

In seven years we have donated over $205,000 to our partnered organizations! Thanks to all of you for your kindness and support.

Founder & CEO

Miriah Kearney

About My Home Apparel

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