About our HOME

Whether it's your Mom's home cooked meals, late night conversations with Dad, family board game nights, your childhood bedroom or familiar streets in your home town, there truly is no place like HOME.

At My HOME Apparel we know how important HOME is to you! Our goal is to offer you a little piece of it wherever you go. We offer nostalgia, comfort and pride through quality, Canadian made products, all bundled up like a care package from Mom.

We know how important being Canadian is to you; it is to us as well! This is why all of our clothing is manufactured right here in Canada. Just like a home made gift, our garments are carefully printed and packaged and sent to you, with love.

At My HOME Apparel we know how important the word “home” is, which is why we want to help give ALL Canadians a home. To help achieve this, 5% of all our profits are annually donated to homelessness initiatives across Canada. With your support, we have donated over $205,000 to our partner organizations in just seven years. Together, we can help give everyone a place to call HOME.

Our mission is to give you a comforting piece of home, while also
helping give all Canadians a home.

At My HOME Apparel, we feel passionate about providing high quality apparel that you can wash and wear over and over again. All garments are designed in our studio and then cut, sewn, dyed, and printed in Truro, Nova Scotia!

Our Flagship Store & Studio is also located in Truro. Here you can see our full line of products, as well as other carefully selected Canadian-made products.

5% of all HOME profits are donated back to initiatives to end homelessness in Canada!

Some of our main partners are Shelter Nova Scotia, Truro Homeless Outreach Society, the Humanity Project, the Canadian Alliance to End Homeless and the ShoeBox project. Want to collaborate? Get in touch!

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Our retail partners around Canada carry many of our products. To find out which stores carry My HOME Apparel products, please reach out and ask!

We hope your piece of HOME brings you happiness, comfort and pride.

-The My HOME Apparel team

Miriah Kearney - Founder, CEO &
Creative Director

"HOME to me is being surrounded by the people I love. It's a place where memories are created and where I feel at peace. It's everyday comforts, while also trying new things. It's familiar places and new adventures. Home is where I feel free to be me."