Homelessness & Solutions

On this page you'll find information and resources about the people experiencing homelessness in Canada and around the world. You'll also find organizations and initiatives to get involved with, and more. 
Homelessness is a crisis in Canada. More than 235,000 people in Canada experience homelessness in a year - with anywhere from 25,000 to 35,000 people sleeping without a home on any given night.  
Homelessness is not a crime - it is a symptom of larger societal issues. Those from marginalized groups (ex: BIPOC, LGBTQ2S+, people living with disabilities), those living with mental illness, addiction, job insecurity, financial stress, or coming from an unsafe or unwelcoming home are at high risk of experiencing homelessness. To reduce this risk we need to work collectively to help normalize these experiences, make help openly available for illness and hardship, restructure affordable living, and structure our communities to help the disadvantaged. 
How we are helping here at HOME?   
- We donate 5% of all profits back to initiatives that are helping to end homelessness here in Canada - over $165000 to date!  
- Our Hats for the Homeless campaign donates a warm toque to someone in need every time an MHA winter toque is purchased. To date we have donated over 1500 hats to those in need.  
- We are committed to actively using our platform to increase awareness on these issues and help to inform our customers and followers how they can personally get involved. 
Everyone deserves a safe place to call HOME.


Books, eBooks and Audiobooks

 Search for the following titles and more on your province's Public Libraries Catalogue.

Alternatively you can search the Worldwide Library Catalogue WorldCat.org. Click the “buy” link after each title to purchase a copy for your HOME Library.


Tell Them Who I Am by Elliot Liebow [1993] Buy

Nowhere to Call Home: Volume I: Photographs and Stories of the Homeless by Leah Denbok [2017] Buy

The Book on Ending Homelessness by Iain De Jong [2019] Buy

A Complex Exile: Homelessness and Social Exclusion in Canada by Erin Dej [2021] Buy

Films, Videos and Documentaries

No Address by Alanis Obomsawin [1988] Watch

Dark Days by Marc Singer [2000] Watch

Carts of Darkness by Murray Siple [2008] Watch

Here at Home [2012] Watch

The Simple Way Everyone Can Help the Homeless by Ed Kirwan [2019] Watch

Homeless by Invisible People [2021] Watch

Web Resources & Articles

Halifax police arrest, pepper spray protesters as city evicts homeless people from parks by Zane Woodford [August 19, 2021]

Yes, that did just happen in our own backyard by Ethan Lycan-Lang [August 19, 2021]

Group says Medicine Hat has ended chronic homelessness, as cities eye same nationwide by Jordan Press [June 2, 2021]

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Aboriginal Housing Management Association

A Way Home Canada


Shelter Nova Scotia

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